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How far I’ve fallen, since I’ve gotten a job. I’m back up to 280 lbs, and feeling like crap. The vicious cycle repeats itself. I’ve lost count of the number of times that I’ve attempted… Read More »07-17-2023 

Daily: 01-03-2023

Monster swim day. 3.5 hours ( ~5 miles) in the pool. Monster cardio day. Swim not enough. After I ate, I went and did a 45 minute run. In the evening, I thought I would… Read More »Daily: 01-03-2023

Daily: 01-01-2023

Started the day off with a polar bear plunge at Barton Spring, followed with some food and a family hike.

Swimming Mechanics

( Drafting ) Freestyle 2) How to do number 1 for breathing on both sides. It definitely got the technique locked down on the right more easily, then on my left. 3) How to do… Read More »Swimming Mechanics

Daily: 27-30-2022

Pushed the swim distance this morning to ~4 mile (6.5 km). It wasn’t until 2 hours in to my 2.5 hour swim that I found my groove, but once I did, it was bliss. During… Read More »Daily: 27-30-2022

Daily: 27-12-2022

Transitioning from recovery focus to base focus. Today is the second day and my first swim session. I was planning on doing 1 hour of laps, but due to my relaxed effort to stay in… Read More »Daily: 27-12-2022