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Daily: 27-30-2022

Pushed the swim distance this morning to ~4 mile (6.5 km). It wasn’t until 2 hours in to my 2.5 hour swim that I found my groove, but once I did, it was bliss. During those first 2 hours, I figured out:

1) How to get my mouth out of the water sideways and limiting my head from exiting the water. When I did lift my head up too high, my butt would sink like a rock. I would prepare to breath when my arm was beginning it’s pull stroke, but mentally and physically attaching my chin to my shoulder, so when my arm came out of the water, my head was looking backwards and to the side.

2) How to do number 1 for breathing on both sides. It definitely got the technique locked down on the right more easily, then on my left.

3) How to do number 2 consistently.

4) I was taught to look forward when doing free-style, but I decided to play with the positioning of my head. I tried looking straight down and looking backwards ever so slightly, so my head was tilted down into the water. I knew my head was in the right position, when I could feel the water passing high on the side of my head, like a water around a rock. Yep, I just called my head a rock. Weird enough, it almost feels like I’m swimming downhill, when I’m doing it right.

5) Stroke, glide, stroke, glide – long distance swimming requires a different strategy – it requires efficiency to conserve energy. After watching one of Ross Edgely’s videos, where he was coaching a couple of brothers on swim technique, I learned that after a stroke, he leaves his hand stretched out in front, until the opposing arm has finished it’s stroke and returns outstretched to front triggering the opposing arm to start it’s pull. This results in a glide being added to your front crawl.

6) Arms – I don’t quite have this figured out yet. I tried straight and bent arms out of the water and my pull stroke varied from straight to pull the water straight down the length of more torso. More discovery to do here.

As I do more research and experimentation, I’ll update my swimming mechanics page

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